Esperanza Aparicio Romero and Javier Pérez Pont worked as professional dancers for over 15 years, as soloists and principal dancers in several European Dance companies.

In 1995 they discovered the Pilates method of physical conditioning. After training as teachers with the legendary Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo in NewYork where they stayed for a time alongside these two teachers with the idea of perfecting their knowledge, obtaining the organization Romana´s Pilates the Level II as international trainers.

At the end of 1999 they decided to return to Spain and chose Barcelona as the venue for the first Studio endorsed and supported by their two masters in Spain, installing what was to be the first Studio of Pilates Method in Barcelona.

The year 2002 sees the beginning of the Programme for Certification of Teachers in Spain under the tutelage of the two teachers referred to above. Over these years they have introduced the Pilates method in conventions throughout the Spanish territory and on television and radio. Currently, in addition to running their Studio and School of Teacher Certification, they are collaborating with Romana's Pilates as guests in the training of teachers to give seminars and classes internationally.

Esperanza Aparicio and Javier Pérez Pont published in the year 2005 the first book by Spanish authors about the Pilates method with the title "The Authentic Pilates Method, The Art of Control" with the Editorial Martinez Roca (Grupo Planeta), which has been not only a best seller in Spain but also throughout the whole of Spanish-speaking America. The work has been translated into Portuguese.

They recently published with Hakabooks e-Ditions a collection of 7 e-books (EPUB) under the general title of "Contrology. Pilates Physical Culture", with reference to the technique of the method on the aparatology. The work in Spanish has been translated into English and portugues.

In 2013 they published, after seven years of research, the first and only Joe’s Biography in history. A book made on official and privates documents. A book that will dispel the false myths concerning this historical figure, bring us closerto who Joe really was and what Contrology meant. “Hubertus Joseph Pilates, The Biography” has been published in Spanish, English and Italian languages, and also in e-book edition.

Currently Javier Pérez Pont is working on the second part of this Biography and on a new book dedicated to finding the ethical, moral and personal roots of Contrology. A dive into the depths of the origin and development of this work which tightly links the author and work as one. A new book that aims to recover the lost true spirit of Contrology.

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